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Should Parents Undertake Responsibility for the Crimes of Their Children?

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Teens often get involved in different sorts of illicit activities thinking that they will get away with it. Among the most common breaches of law are underage drinking, vandalism, doing drugs, etc. At the same time, young people also commit more serious crimes, such as breaking into properties, car theft, manslaughter, or even rape. Although all kids are apt to bend the law, adolescents do it much more often. The reality is that teenagers in the USA often take part in different risky activities, which may have dire consequences taking a toll on the individual who committed it. Some people justify minors who commit these crimes since they are still children who are apt to make mistakes. However, we should not disregard the fact that most of these children are human beings who are able to think rationally and thus, undertake full responsibility for their actions. Accordingly, parents should not account for their kids' crimes.


Parents should not take criminal responsibility for the crimes of their children since any person of sound mind is able to think rationally and thus, understand that by committing a crime they do something wrong. Their parents have nothing to do with it unless they abet in these crimes or encourage their kids to commit them. Only then can parents be held criminally responsible for the crimes of their children.  The main reason why people commit crimes is that they think that they can escape punishment. The same is true about teens who get involved in illicit activities: they do so hoping that they will get away with it. It cannot be set down to the person's upbringing, as it is only a matter of having sense between what is right and wrong. Even when the children have some mental problems, it is still cannot be considered a parent's fault.

If somebody's child commits a crime and has to take criminal responsibility for it, parents should not be held criminally responsible for the actions they did not commit. Some people cannot comprehend the link between the child's sense of what is right and wrong and their upbringing. However, when it comes to crimes, a child can still be tempted to steal somebody's possession even if their parents taught them not to steal. Thus, we cannot find faults with parents who have nothing to do with this crime but rather with the child who consciously committed a crime and thus, should be held criminally responsible for it.


For the exception of the case when parents abet their children in committing a crime, the adult should never take responsibility for the child’s actions. It often happens that when children get in trouble, all the blames are pinned on their parents since they did not raise them properly and did not instill respect for law. The problem the society faces now is that minors commit crimes and become adults without being held responsible for their misdeeds. But it should not go this way since it gives children confidence that even if they commit a crime, they are not going to face the consequences for what they did.


To sum it up, we all make mistakes, and sometimes we commit crimes while not being aware of it (a striking example is how people send their family members pain relievers, which can only be described as a felony). And when people engaged in illicit activities get caught, they get charged. This is also true for children, or more precisely, teens. They are perfectly aware of the fact that that they commit a crime and thus, their parents should not take responsibility for it unless their parents encouraged them to commit these actions. Accordingly, it makes sense for young people to take responsibility for their actions.

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Jeremy Monroe

News Updates

1 min read

Our new social network OOLOO is coming a long nicely and open for registration. You can click:

Register Here

Also, if you love photography and taking pictures or know someone that does, head to Blabd Here and join up. Post. Inspire. Get Blabd About.

Jeremy Monroe

Revamped Our Creative Network

1 min read


We took a look at our current creative network and decided it was better to revamp some things about it. We elected to remove some features we deemed "unnecessary" and chose to stick to our original plan for the community.

From now on, members will have the ability to sign up and update their user profile page, write articles, blogs, news, etc and share or read others' and comment. We feel that having the ability to update statuses and send messages to each other really is a necessary tool for what the community is about. It's about togetherness. Creating works and sharing so that others can comment and help us improve and grow.

In closing, stay focused, stay positive, stay creating. It's who we are and what we've grown into.

Jeremy Monroe

Using Hashtags

1 min read

Organize with Hashtags

Every content type in Known supports hashtags. If you’re not familiar with the concept, a hashtag is a word or phrase that begins with a pound sign (#). They were made popular by Twitter and can be seen on other popular social networks, like Facebook and Instagram.

Adding a pound sign to the beginning of a word - like - creates a linked word or topic that can be used to search and organize content on your site.

Every content type within Known supports hashtags. You can add hashtags anywhere in the text field, and it will be recognized and linked when you publish the content. Be sure and include a space between each hashtag. Once you’ve added hashtags to your content, clicking the link for a hashtag will return a stream of all content that includes that hashtag, whether it’s a post, a picture, an update, or something else.

Chapter 8 of the guide Getting Started with Known

John Evdemon

Adding support for microblogging?

1 min read

How difficult would it be to add support for microblogging?  This would result in a page where all posts/status updates/etc appeared under the date on which they occurred.

See here for an example.  This page contains several posts that were made throughout the day of 11/15.  

Perhaps this feature already exists in Known and I haven't been able to find it?